That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's Been A Long Week

I know everyone is just dying to know where I was all last week. "Where oh where did Eddi Girl go, leaving us with nothing to read?!" Right?

No? Oh well.

I ended up going to the ER last Sunday night because I was so sick I was having trouble breathing. I felt like there was a 657 lb. man in my chest playing sword ninja with my right lung being the tissue paper wall he kept falling into. I couldn't get a deep breath & my right lung hurt so incredibly bad.

Knowing it would upset Ginger Girl if I went to the ER, I really, really tried to wait till Monday morning to call my doctor & be seen. I just couldn't take the pain & finally had to go in.

Why would it upset Ginger Girl if I went to the ER? Here ya go:

Me: "I'm going to go to the ER & get some medicine because I know I have pleurisy & I think I have something else."

Ginger Girl: wailing "NOOOOO!!!!!! I don't want you to have surgery!!"

Yeah...I have a history of going into the ER & not coming back for a few days & minus an organ.

After reassuring my 9 year old that I would not be having anything cut into or occupying a bed at the hospital for more than a few hours, off we went where we were met with an ER doctor with a sense of humor.

When I pointed to my chest & said, "Whenever I move, I feel things moving," he asked, "Shouldn't you always feel things moving when you move?" He had quite the quizzical look on his face. Along with his smirk. Hubby laughed. I did not.

"Not in my lungs!" Laying in a hospital gown, hacking my lungs up, & holding onto my Comfy Blanket, I really did not need a comedian.

After the tests & x-rays I got my diagnosis x3.

When the doctor said "pleurisy" I looked at hubby, "Yeah, that's right. I'm a nursing student. I called it."

When the doctor said "bronchitis" I was all, "Only my millionth time having that. Great."

When the doctor said "influenza" I actually had to hear it twice. Uh, I don't want that. Take it back.

3 different nasty, crappy once...I didn't order that. I even argued with the doctor about not having time for this. "The semester starts tomorrow. I can't be that sick going into it." I tried compromising with him, "I can rest for the first 2 days of the semester because those are online classes, but I have to be better Wednesday because that's when the in-person classes start."

The doctor said that since I was going on the medication the same day the symptoms started, I wouldn't be contagious on Wednesday anymore so I could go to school. I was very happy. Eh, a couple days down. No big deal. I'll be fine by Wednesday, no problem.

Somehow I'm thinking that evil little doctor had a smirk on his face when he said that too because Wednesday came & I was actually feeling worse in some ways than I was on Sunday. I did not make it to school on Wednesday.

This is what I woke up to every day, no matter
what time of day/night that I woke up.
Watson slept on me every second that he wasn't eating.

I had to put the remote there so that he wouldn't
lay on my lungs & make me feel worse. 

Friday was my first day really out of bed. The fever finally left on Thursday & so did that nasty sore throat that felt like I had knives stuck not only in my lung, but from ear to ear & down my neck. When your sore throat becomes unbearable & that's acceptable from where it had been, swallowing is a nightmare. I still have a cough that chokes me in my sleep & my lungs still hurt off & on but at least I'm getting better every day.

I'm feeling pretty run down tonight so I'm thinking I did more this weekend than I was ready for.

I was very thankful that I had Watson G to keep me company & be my nurse while everyone else was at school & work during the day. I don't think the hubby man agrees with the way that I show my appreciation to Fat Cat, because the following conversation occurred Thursday night after I showed him pictures of my day:

Hubby: "It's horrible."

Me: "Why?"

Hubby: "'Cause he's spoiled. It's horrible."

Me: "I spoil you too. Is that so horrible?"

Hubby: "No, of course not."

Me: "What's the difference?"

Hubby: "He's a cat."

Me: "But he's my baby."

Hubby: "It's horrible."

Who is correct? You be the judge...

"McNuggets for lunch?
Don't mind if I do."
"No, thank you, I prefer mine without sauce."
"I even get a fry?
You do love me!"

"You made me my own plate?
How very sweet of you!"

Here's to a better week! And a cat who loves McNuggets as much as his Mama does.

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