That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Of Drugs & Marriage, A New Point of View

Blondie has always been one to need daily private time with me & have deep conversations about what's on her mind that day. I cherish moments like these with each of my kids.

Friday evening I had another special talk with my 13 year old Blondie. It was one of those special, random talks that pops up while you're doing other things and talking about lighter things.

It was a talk that made me realize how naive she still is and how much I love that. I'll keep her naive for as long as I can.

It started with her saying something about crack.

Me, joking: "Do you know anyone that sells crack?"

Blondie: "Yeah, a kid in our school. You can smell it on him."

Me: "That's pot."

Blondie: "Oh yeah, that's what I meant. There are a lot of drugs. I know there is pot, crack, cocaine, and marijuana."

Me, after explaining which of those are the same thing: "I have strong feelings about drugs..."

Blondie & me, about 20 minutes after our talk.
Blondie: "Me too. I have very strong feelings about drugs."

Me: "What are they?"

Blondie, talking very fast: "They're very bad! I am never going to try pot or marijuana or crack or smoke a cigarette. I will never drink a beer! So many things can happen when you drink beer. Did you know that? You do things you wouldn't do if you hadn't drank the beer. Like you can get pregnant. Or married! I don't ever want to get married after drinking beers. And I'd get kicked out of school if they found out I got married. I don't want to get kicked out of school. I'm never drinking a beer."

Man, I love these little peeks into her brain. 

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