That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekend With Hubby

I meant to post this yesterday but I had one crazy day & I actually fell asleep at an almost normal-person's time last night. It was 1 instead of 4 in the morning. Gaining extra hours of sleep means I lose those hours of writing time. That's okay with me; I'm definitely not complaining.

So here's Monday's post on Tuesday.

I had quite the weekend with the hubby.

Friday afternoon & night he went to a bachelor party for a friend that's getting married in a month. Amazing Grace went to work & all other children were elsewhere. For the first time in 3 years I had the entire house to myself for an entire evening & much of the night. Rather than waste it with cleaning or homework, something I always have plenty of, I took a bubble bath, put on hubby's t-shirt, & curled up in my Comfy Blanket to be Lazy. I ate an extremely rare steak & watched the DVR'ed shows I'd been waiting for the time to watch.

Lazy. It's a word I don't get to use often enough when describing anything about myself. I kinda liked it. I know I couldn't do it often because I'm way too uptight & anal to be lazy on a daily basis, but I can see why some people are Lazy. It's rather fun to do.

Why, Lazy isn't only fun, it's also that other word I don't get to use very often...Relaxing. Ah, Relaxation, how I've missed you.

If anyone needs another reason why my man is totally awesome, he had an opportunity to be a complete moron & do whatever he wanted to--isn't that the reason for bachelor parties?--& instead ended his night early to come home to me. Not because I nagged him into it or because I would be a raging bitch if he didn't. In fact, I didn't want him to come home. I was having way too much fun being Lazy. I was more than happy to have an excuse to lower the count on my DVR 'cause that sucker fills up fast when I so rarely get to actually watch any of my shows.

I was happy that he got time out with his guys 'cause that is as rare an occurrence as me being Lazy or Relaxed.

I will admit I was even happier to see him walk in the door earlier than I expected though. He totally scored some points for that one. How many guys turn down getting drunk with strippers to be with their wives? Not a whole lot.

Saturday night the hubs was going through some files with me & asked if he could shred my old Social Security card with my maiden name on it. Seeing as how I've had the new card with my married name on it for about 2 years, I guess it's time I accept that my last name isn't changing to Butler any time soon.

I'm sorry, Gerard baby, just
wait for me a wee bit longer.

Actually, I'd forgotten I still had the old one. Apparently it was hanging out in the file box with the new card. That's how often I need my Social Security card, that I haven't looked at it since I threw it in there 2 years ago.

As soon as hubby pressed the button to allow the paper shredder to eat my old Social Security card, I got frantic. "What if I need that to...!"

"To change your name quickly & skip the country after you kill me?" offered the hubs.


My plans are now ruined.

Sunday morning I poured the last of the creamer into my coffee. I called the hubby man over to see my coffee swirling in a clockwise motion all by itself on the table. "Why's it doing that, babe?"

As the last drops of cream slowly pattered into my cup, the coffee continued to swirl in a clockwise motion, taking each drop of cream with it. It was creating a cute little swirly pattern in my coffee.

Hubby looked at it & said, "It's because the table is slightly sloped."

"It is?" I asked as I eyeballed the table. I always thought it was level.

"Yup, that's all it is. The drops are creating the movement & the slope of the table creates the direction of the movement," says that man.

I asked him, "Why don't the drops just push it toward me instead of in a circle?" He loves physics & science & math. He's totally a geek & I turn to him when I can't figure things out. Often.

That's when I saw the sheepish grin that made me want to throw my coffee at him. "I have no idea. I'm totally wingin' it."

The little shit. I totally bought it. I blame the fact that I hadn't had any of my coffee yet. My brain was still back in bed.

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