That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Month of Thankfulness Part II

I'm thankful for... education & medical experiences because I am able to answer my family & friends' questions. A lot of people are either scared or too stressed to ask the appropriate questions while in the doctor's office. I'm thankful they are comfortable & trust me to come to me with those questions. I am also thankful for the friends & family who trust me so much that they come to me to find out if they should go to the doctor.

#11:...public schools & the teachers in them. I am so grateful for the ability to send my children elsewhere to be taught the necessary information to get through life. I've home schooled. I've tutored many students from elementary age to college. I know how hard it is to teach. I do not take teachers for granted & I am especially thankful for those people who actually enjoy teaching my children.

#12:...the country I live in. There are so many things that fit under this category & I will list 2 of them here: voting & religion. I am so grateful that I live in a country where I can openly worship my God. There are so many Christians in other countries being persecuted for their beliefs & I do not personally experience what they go through each & every day.
I, as well as everyone else in this country, have the ability to vote for who I think is the best person for various seats in office. I am so sick of hearing derogatory comments thrown at people for voting for "the other guy". I am sick of the emails I have gotten calling me stupid, ignorant,  uneducated, the list goes on. All of that is from one person, just because I canceled out his vote. He is the only one directly calling me names, but there are plenty of people on The Facebook who are doing the same thing to the general population of "other guy" voters. Just because you think you're right doesn't mean everyone else is wrong. I'm thankful I get to vote as I see fit & am not just told who my leaders will be. I would love if others saw it this same way & remember that you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.
As I wrote on The Facebook on the night of the 6th:
Omg, people, get over yourselves! Just because "the other guy" is re-elected or our state is "the wrong color" doesn't mean those voters are "uneducated" or "stupid" or "believing biased media without doing their own research" or "welfare loving lazy asses without jobs" or any other attack I've read on here tonight. I cannot believe I actually have friends who are so cruel to attack others for exe
rcising their right to vote how they saw fit, just like you did. I understand being disappointed, but my friends who are being so vicious with their words...grow up. 5 year olds learn how to lose graciously in t-ball & soccer, take a lesson. All the verbal attacks in the world aren't going to make the outcome different; they just show your true colors.

*I must add here that after I posted that on The Facebook, the friends who I was not naming, but was speaking about, were smart enough to delete entire posts with the above comments in them. Can't say I have stupid friends.

#13:....our military that fights to protect those freedoms. I am so proud of my hubby the Marine. I am also proud of our friends, the 2 groomsmen in our wedding, & my family members who have served or are serving in various branches of the military. I am proud of Amazing Grace & Blondie who, at their young ages, already have goals set of into the Air Force.

#14:...the police department & the friends who came to my aid when I was a victim of theft this week. On Monday I discovered that someone had entered my home without permission & had stolen some very valuable items from me. I feel violated & heart broken over it. I am hurt that someone would do this to me & my family. These friends, a husband & wife, picked up their phone immediately, made me laugh, & helped with what they could. I am so grateful for their help. I am also grateful for the officer at our police department who was very compassionate & understand & is still questioning people.

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