That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Month of Thankfulness Part V

I'm thankful for... cat Nemo. She's the princess of the house. At 11 1/2, she has passed the average age for her breed, has arthritis, & I swear she's going senile. She's always been Miss Priss, gracing you with her presence when she chooses, & lately she's pretty entertaining with the crazy things she does. Sleeping in the middle of the room on the hard floor when she's always had to sleep on a pillow or soft blanket. Curling up in the middle of the table when she's always known she was not allowed on the table. Chasing toys when she's never been playful. Walking up to the other cats & smacking them repeatedly with her machine gun arm when she's always been even tempered. She's my beautiful little girl.

Nemo's prissy girl paws crossed pose.
Complete with "I'm better than you" look.

Such a pretty girl. cat Sophie. Sophie is very shy & isn't a fan of people outside of our family. She doesn't have a meow, she has a chirp. Never once has Sophie meowed in her entire life. She's beautiful & very attached to Boy Teenager to the point where she runs through the house looking for him & crying outside his door if he forgets to let her in to sleep with him at night.

Watson helping with homework. cat Watson. If this is the very first of my posts you've read, then you haven't met Watson yet. If you're not new to my blog, you know the boy very well. He keeps me on my toes & is very much like having a needy toddler around...24/ babysitter...ever. I love that cat but when he's napping I sigh from the same kind of relief that I sighed when my kids took naps when they were little. That fat cat follows me around, has to know where I am, gets into everything & makes messes, plays obnoxious games, has to be held, has to sniff & sometimes taste my food, has to be next to me every second, has to sleep with me if not on me, wakes me in the middle of night every night for attention, cries when I leave the house, punishes me when I return. Yet I love him & spoil him & wouldn't want it any other way.
"Gimme candy." jackass. No, I don't call my husband that. My actual jackass Abednego. He's so stinkin' adorable! I got him to herd my sheep when I had my sheep flock way back when. When my first husband decided that his hobbies & life were more important than mine, I had to sell my sheep & my parents kept my donkey for me. He loves candy & comes running whenever I call his name in the field. He's a pretty happy guy. daughter's dog Zipper. He makes Ginger Girl so happy & they both love each other so much. I'm not a dog person but since this dog thinks he's a bisexual trans-gender trans-species, it's all good. 

Ginger Girl & her baby. dog Harley. When we moved away from my farm, my dog Harley was not happy with the limited space in the yard. I made the difficult decision to let her live with my parents because she deserved to be able to run around like she was used to. All the people walking on the sidewalk & the kids playing in the school yard behind us was just too much for her. She wanted to play with everyone & I felt bad that she didn't understand why she couldn't go out to play with all these new friends. She's very happy back on a farm but she'll always be my girl. It takes a special dog to touch my heart & she did it. She's such a smart & happy dog, you can't help but fall in love with her.

My girl Harley.

#27:...forgiveness. God's example of forgiveness has taught me how to forgive others & I am grateful for His forgiveness when I need it. I am grateful for those I have forgiven even when they've hurt me deeply & was able to let go of the dead weight I was unnecessarily carrying around. I am grateful for those who have forgiven me when I've asked for it & we continued or renewed a relationship on a much deeper level than before. 

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