That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hubby's Naughty & Water Zombies Suck

Monday's chat messages with hubby...

Hubby: morning baby!

Me: I don't like u
Don't talk to me ever again

Hubby: Why's that?
Why don't you like me?

Me: U changed the swipe thing on your phone again & yelled at me that u did it to keep me out of your phone cuz u hate me looking at things & your texts r private

Hubby: huh?

Me: i was crying cuz i only wanted to surprise u w something & u wouldn't stop yelling at me

Hubby: you and your weird dreams...

Me: i was crying when i woke up 2

Hubby: awwww

Me: you don't want me to look at your phone cuz you're talking to women & i can't see it
you're mean

So obviously he's used to me getting mad at him for what he did in my dreams.

Last night's dream was fun too. The world was overtaken by Water Zombies. If you're not sure what a Water Zombie is because you weren't in my head last night, I'll tell you. They're not pretty. They look a lot like my son's Bionicles from when he was little.
A Bionicle, not to be confused
with a Water Zombie 
The only difference is that they carry water in their...hands? Claws? Spears? Whatever they have at the end of their arms, they carry water in them. Balls of water. 

Whenever they throw their balls of water, you're immediately stuck on your own personal little island. The only way to get to your friends' islands is with a draw bridge. And the Water Zombies control the draw bridges. They tell you you can cross but just as you get to the middle of the bridge, they raise it & you go in the water. Clearly, Water Zombies are not to be trusted.

Water Zombies were going to each island & throwing the children into the water. Everyone had exactly 30 seconds to grab the children out of the water or else they turned into Cabbage Patch dolls.
"Save me, Mama!"
"You were too late!"


I am apparently much too slow at saving children because I had a large collection of Cabbage Patch dolls by the end of the dream.

I'm not sure I even want my dreams analyzed anymore. 

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