That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Halloween 2012

Okay, my Halloween post is a little late. You'll get over it.

 We took the kids trick or treating twice this year. Our little town had trick or treating on Sunday before Halloween, so Ginger Girl went as the Yellow M&M that night & the Green M&M for trick or treating in another small town on Halloween.

 Blondie went as a cowgirl the first trick or treating trip & a lumberjack the second time around.

Blondie's favorite color is blue so she dressed in head to toe blue for her lumberjack. She even sprayed her hair blue in sections.

I had fun doing Ginger Girl's makeup & giving her eyes like the Green M&M's. She loved the false eyelashes & cat eye I did with the eyeliner. She loved them so much she didn't want to wash it all off. She insisted she could sleep perfectly still so that she wouldn't mess any of it up & then wear them to school the next day. I'm a mean Mama & made her wash her face before bed. I did reassure her that I will do it again whenever she wants to play dressup though.
Ginger Girl's dog dressed as a bumble bee
(same as last year) & went with us the
first trick or treating night.

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