That's Me

That's Me

Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Say We Need Nipples

Because I needed a laugh & I just happen to have friends who know of odd things in the corners of the interwebs that I haven't wandered into, I have a YouTube video to share. This is an Indian song translated into English. Something got lost in translation...

My favorite line since seeing Blue Man Group has been "sit biscuit". Today my favorite saying is officially "oh shit I'm a butter head."

In fact, I do believe everyone I come into contact with today will be hearing a line from this song.

Check out lady at the store: "Did you find everything you were looking for?"
Me: "Oh, shit, I'm a butter head."

Hubby: "What's for dinner tonight?"
Me: "Do me hard in the ear, yes, in the ear, your brains will die."

Boy Teenager: "Can I have $10?"
Me: "Chain the hooker, ah heck, push the hooker on the head."

Ginger Girl: "I need help with my homework!"
Me: "Shoot my head, it's my fault."

Blondie: "Did you wash my favorite jeans?"
Me: "Come see me eat nipples, eat nipples."

Amazing Grace: "Can I have the truck tonight?"
Me: "Pull slinky & make me fart."

Boss Man: "Can you work Saturday?"
Me: "Build me, tubby man."

Professor: "Explain why the local anesthetics tetracaine and procaine prevent voltage-gated Na+ channels from opening."
Me: "Ya asked me if I need a whore?"
See? It works in any situation. If nothing else, it'll make people stop asking things of me because each person will:
a) be too scared to hear what comes out of my mouth next
b) think I've officially lost my mind
c) a combination of both a & b

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