That's Me

That's Me

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Have Some Twisted Kids

Blondie hard at work
Amazing Grace hard at work

We carved pumpkins last night. Those pumpkins are further proof, if any was necessary, that I'm raising some twisted people. The children were given free reign on their pumpkins & came up with the designs of their own accord. The results were...interesting.

The aftermath
Big D...X's for eyes
& a bleeding knife wound

Blondie...bleeding eye sockets

Wounded & vomiting pumpkins
(the vomiting was my idea)

Amazing Grace's
Evil Smurf
Took her hours to make Evil Smurf

Hubby & Ginger Girl's
Clockwise from far left: butt crack,monster eating
baby, bleeding eye sockets, Evil Smurf, knife
wound, Little Blondie's drawn-on happy pumpkin

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