That's Me

That's Me

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Birfday

Yesterday was my Birfday, or Birthday for the normal folks.

I kinda sorta started celebrating on Friday when I drove down to the local soft serve ice cream thingy place & got a pumpkin flurry. Um, yeah baby! It's like, 67 points per bite but Weight Watchers gives you zero points for everything you eat on your Birthday. It's true! And if your Birthday falls on a weekend, you get the entire 3 days for zero points! That means whatever you eat doesn't settle on your thighs or in your third chin.

Hubby tried to say that he also got zero points on everything he ate over the weekend, but I know he was really just using it as an excuse to eat whatever he wants. He still has to run that treadmill a wee big harder in order to work off everything he ate, whether he claimed the points or not. The Weight Watchers Magic Birthday Diet* does not extend to any spouses or family members, whether by blood or through marriage.

Saturday I went to my Boy Teenager's State Playoff football game. His team lost in a big, big way & he didn't get to play because he's JV & I had to keep asking Half Brain & the hubs "what does that mean?" "why are they doing that now?" "was that a good thing?" But it was one of my Proud Mama Moments. My boy made it to the playoffs as a Freshman. Even though none of the JV played, they all dressed in their uniforms & froze their tushies off in the 28* weather & chanted for their Varsity team mates. Watching my son out there, chanting "fum ble fum ble fum ble" with his team mates, jumping up & down to warm up, congratulating when something good happened (I have no clue what those somethings are called), made me see Boy Teenager as a...Real Almost-Man.

We sat in the first row of the bleachers, right behind our team, so I got a couple shots of the back of his jersey. Even if I didn't get his face--wouldn't have seen him anyway with that helmet on--I was still proudly taking pictures of my boy standing on the sidelines with his team.

And he had the cutest little tushy out there!

Ginger Girl & I were perfectly warm in our sweatshirts. Poor Half Brain was wrapped in 4 blankets & calling us crazy. Being her Half Brain (the other half of her brain, for the newbies), I knew she'd be cold so I had grabbed blankets & gloves just for her.

The 3 Gingers

 After the sad loss for our football team, we grabbed Ethel & our costumes & went out on the town. Not only did I get to celebrate my Birthday but everyone dressed up for me! Everywhere we went, everyone was dressed up! There were even costume contests! Such sweet people around me, even people I don't know dressed up for me. I love that everyone dressed up for my Birthday & made it even more special.

Ethel was a well-endowed nun, Half Brain was a devil, hubby was a pimp, I was a serving wench...

Using Ethel's
shelf to rest our
weary selves.
 Photobombed! What
devil. hee hee
"Aw man, who do I listen to?"

Lucy & Ethel

Serving his beer with a kiss cuz I'm that awesome.
She did it. 

Don't do it, Ethel!
3 sistas!
Every year on my Birthday my Mom either comes over or calls around 7 in the morning & sings me Happy Birthday off-key. It's something I look forward to every year. This year she forgot. [insert BIG sad face] I'm hoping she didn't forget my Birthday entirely.

It just didn't feel right to not start my Birfday with my Birfday Song from my Mama. Goes to show that even at 33, you want your Mama to make a big deal out of your day. 

My Mom 2 called & sang Happy Birthday to me before I went to bed because she also has a tradition of calling & singing to me. It was a wonderful way to end my Birfday night. 

We's a cute couple.

 *Weight Watchers does not endorse the Weight Watchers Magic Birthday Diet, because they aren't aware of its existence. If they knew about it, they would.

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