That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Watson vs. the Conch Shells

I have these conch shells on a shelf. Just a cute little decoration straight from the ocean. They've always been up on a shelf where Watson G the cat apparently couldn't see them. The reason this became obvious is because the other night while I was at work, the hubby man decided to tear down a wall. 

He does these things to me where I leave the house looking one way but I come home to:
a whirlpool tub instead of the shower stall
a wall where one wasn't before
a painted wall where a bare one was before
no wall where there was one before
a fire pit where grass had been
a thinner tree where a fat one had been
you get the idea

Honest to God, I never know what I'll come home to. When I was a single Mama, I had fears of coming home to my home not being what it was when I left it. But that was because I had to leave my oldest in charge of her 3 younger siblings who didn't always like to listen to her. 

Now that my kids are older, I don't fear toys being strewn through the house & stepping on a Lego booby trap (those damn Legos hurt!) or it being burnt down from the fury boiling out of a sibling done wrong. I fear not recognizing my house when I get home due to my husband, the man who loves to surprise me with construction. 

Let me add one thing here. My husband is not a carpenter. He's a computer programmer. When it came time to mud the wall he'd put up, he Googled it. He is enjoying learning how to be a handy man. 

The conch shells. The hubby man took the conch shells off the wall & put them in a basket so that he could tear down the wall. While I was at work. Not aware of this going on. But I digress. 

Watson was not so happy to find these conch shells in one of his favorite resting spots, a laundry basket. So hubby took them out & put them on the floor. The resulting video is only a small portion of the 2 hours that Watson terrorized those poor conch shells. 

Watson is so intent on figuring out what these odd-shaped horny things are that he doesn't hear the hubs come up behind him & surprise him. I'm the one who surprises him at the end.

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