That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

These Paws Were Made For Buryin'

Watson G the cat is so long that he doesn't fit completely inside the litterbox. It took him a few times to figure out which end was best to have sticking out of the box while he does his business. Now when he goes potty, this is what you see...

It can be quite amusing, because he concentrates so hard on what he's doing, that he doesn't seem to look at anything. He just stares straight ahead without blinking until he's finished.

Poor Watson was having a rough day today. First I moved his food bowl to a new location, which totally threw him off. In his hunger crazed daze, it was very difficult for the poor guy to see that his food bowl was only 2 feet away & completely visible from the old spot.

After he got over that shock, he had to deal with the relocation of his potty. I took it from its spot in the above picture to a whole 10 feet away. Still completely visible, but confusing none the less.

After all that, poor, struggling Mr. Watson just couldn't catch a break. After he used his potty, he got out, turned around, & sniffed the air. When he does this, you know it's bad. Watson stuck his paw back inside to further bury the offensive odor, but when he brought his leg back out...the poo came flying out of the box.

Poor, poor guy, he just couldn't win today.

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