That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Week In Pictures 09/15/12

I taught 9 year old Ginger Girl to crochet, just like my Great Gram taught me when I was her age. After he repeatedly called the tool a yarn stick, he was amused to find out it's a crochet hook. "Like a fish hook!"

 Just like her Mama,
in so many ways.
Yes, that's a crochet
hook in his lip. No,
I can't explain.

The hubs had a rough 2 days after Tough Mudder.  
And he wonders why
I'm not interested in
joining him...

...I prefer any wounds I have
to not be self-inflicted.

Blondie had an audience while she changed the hamsters' litter in their cage, with Watson G on one side & Zipper on the other. Zipper wants so bad to play with them! Watson wants them for other reasons, the little pig.
Hamsters are friends
not food

I was entertained in Target. First, I was all, "They sell wine? Why didn't I know this?" Then I was all, "Hey, I'm the middle sister in my family!" The guy in the next aisle was all, "Hey, we don't care!" I giggled a little quieter at the labels that were most definitely about me & took my bad-ass self to the coffee aisle where I could stay out of trouble.

Rebel Red

Wild One

Smarty Pants
Sweet & Sassy.

 Those wine labels are most definitely about this red headed, sweet, rebellious, sassy, smarty pants, wild sister in the middle over here.  

When I went to My Lady (that's her name) to get my nails done this week, she told me she wanted to do "something funky." When I told her I liked it, she said, "It unique. Like you." I love My Lady!
Happy nails.
My Lady also laughed at me when I asked her what her daughter's name meant. "It just Vietnamese name." She informed me that names only have to have a Samuel means "God has heard" or Aaron means "exalted" America. "In other countries they just names." 

I wanted a snack. 
End of the ice cream...

my Grandma J taught me
this is the
only root beer

...oh yes I did!

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