That's Me

That's Me

Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter to Boys Interested In My Daughter

Last night I took hubby to the demos for a fun date. Amazing Grace was also there, on a double date.

I did not go to spy on her. You can choose to believe me or not.

After the demo, Amazing Grace & one of my Other Daughters came up to us while we were in line to get a funnel cake, while their dates went off doing boy things. Since the line was about 57 people long, I was a nice Mama & let them get in line with us & I even ordered for them. That last part wasn't my choice; Other Daughter gave me her money & told me what she wanted. I had no choice but to take it back out of hubby's pocket & order for her.

While we were eating, the boys found the girls & joined us. Now, if we happen to be somewhere & run into a friend of Amazing Grace's, they're usually all great at joking around & being at ease with me. Even if it's the first time I meet them. Usually.

And that is why I feel the need to make a public announcement. This way, any of my daughters, or even my Other Daughters since they're just as important to me, can just send the link to this post to a guy to let 'em know the what's what about dating my daughters.

Here we go...

To any guy looking to date my daughter/other daughter:                                                                          
If at any time you are in my presence & you don't look me in the eyes & say some sort of greeting (examples: nice to meet you, how have you been, even 'sup), don't interact with me, or dare to look bored as if you have something so much better to do, you will never be alone with my daughter. Ever. That's a promise and a threat.                                    
P.S. Remember that I have absolutely no reason to be your friend, but you have every reason to convince me you want to be mine.

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