That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hubby Lied To Me

This post has been a long time coming. I've wanted to share what happened while in Disney Land but I just couldn't bring myself to write it out. It was so devastating at the time that it's been heart breaking for me to think back on it.

I'm ready now.

We walked through the gates of Disney Land & I was all, "I'm an adult. I've got my camera. No big deal. Take some pictures, go on some rides. Whatever."

Then...right there...just feet from the gates that we'd just walked through...was the one thing that made me lose all sense of adultness.
You can see the gates to Disney Land behind us. My Adult Cool didn't last long at all. But to show how awesome I am, I did let a 4 year old boy go ahead of me in line to get a picture with Mickey. I was as excited as he was, but I was totally down playing it & being nice to show how Adult Cool I am.

So we kept walking, went on rides, saw know, stuff you're supposed to do. I was giggling the entire time, running around, dragging the hubs, looking over people's heads (thank goodness for being 7' tall) to see if there were characters I could attack meet.

The entire time I kept saying, "I want a kiss from Goofy. I have to meet Goofy. Do you think Goofy will kiss me? I love Goofy!" 

We stopped for Mickey's Parade down Main Street, where I jumped up & down & turned into a 5 year old. Seriously. 

Then hubby wanted to walk to Mickey's house so he could get pictures with Pluto. I asked him, "Do you think we should go straight there? They're not going to have enough time to get from the end of the parade to Mickey's house before us." 

Hubby said the words I will never forget. Never. "There's more than one of each character!" 

I just froze. I was crushed. There was no way he said what I just heard. The world was spinning, the ground was dropping below me, I couldn't focus on anything, I felt sick. The words in my head wouldn't form coherent, complete sentences. I couldn't speak. I felt the blood draining from my entire body. I couldn't move.

Hubby quickly said, "I don't know what I was thinking! Of course that's not right. There's only one Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto. It's okay, sweetie. I was lying." 

It's like he told me he wasn't real. Or worse...that Gerard Butler wasn't in love with me. I was crushed. My dreams were shattered. I was shaking. I didn't know how to recover from that horrible, horrible lie. And how do I recover from the discovery that my dear, sweet, adorable, loving husband is a liar?

It was like when I was 9 & I found out that my parents were the ones who...gulp...I can't even finish that sentence. Christmas day was never the same after that! Thankfully the Tooth Fairy is real. 

I refuse to believe what hubby said. I know the truth & it was not nice of him to say those things. I did forgive him for lying so horribly to me, but it took a very long time. In fact, he may as well bring home something shiny & sparkly today because writing this has brought it all slamming back into the forefront of my brain. 

When I saw Goofy I ran into the line to get a picture with him. I was giggling the entire time. "Dear, I get to meet Goofy! I really get to meet him!!" When it was my turn for a picture with him...Oh. My. Word. I squealed. I ran to him. I grabbed him. I didn't realize how much I was actually holding onto him like he was my life line until I saw this picture:
I have a crush on Goofy.

Why does Goofy look like he's trying to get away from me? Did he get scared by the red head running at him screaming, "Gooooooooffffffyyyyyyyy!!!!" Oh well, he'll get over it.

AND...he kissed me!! For real. I didn't even ask him to. After the picture, he turned to me & gave me a kiss on my cheek. I'm not sure, but I think everything turning black & hitting my head on the sidewalk meant I fainted.

Then it was hubby's turn to turn into a little child. Hubby was all, "Minnie!" in this whispery voice. Then he told me it was his turn to get all giggly & I shouldn't be jealous. Really? Dude, that bitch's got nothin' on me!
Hubby has a little crush too.
I am wondering why Minnie is holding onto hubby that way & not even touching me. Is it because she saw how I mauled loved on Goofy? Hmm. She also turned to me after the picture & gave me a peck on my cheek. I think Minnie may have a secret she needs to share with Mickey...she may just be swingin' both ways if you know what I mean.

While in line for the picture with Minnie, who was next to Goofy, the park official girl person said it was time for Minnie to take a 5 minute break & they'd be back. While we were waiting, hubby said to me, "Shift change." The boy has a death wish. He got The Look & I told him, "Minnie has to go piddle. Do. Not. Talk like that again." 

He apologized. A couple days later I asked him if he was serious & he told me that no, he was joking, there is only 1 Minnie. 

I don't appreciate those kinds of jokes. It's not nice to mess with someone's mind like that.

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