That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Student Becomes the Teacher

One of my instructors this semester is an idiot. A straight-up idiot.

Here's an example: Thursday she is talking about the adrenal gland. Which, for those not in the know, is this:

Only problem was, she was using a model of a kidney, opened it up, & pointed to the center of the kidney. She then proceeded to explain all the parts of the adrenal gland & how it works, while pointing to the kidney. I sat there thinking, "Any second now she'll catch herself & feel stupid."

But no. She didn't catch herself. So I got the luxury of making her feel stupid. "Uh...Ms. Don'tKnowAnatomy, the adrenal gland is on top of the kidney, not inside of it." 

She tossed her blonde hair (not kidding, she really is blonde) & turned red (at least she was embarrassed at her stupidity) & told everyone I was correct. Which made for some ticked off students as they scribbled all their notes out & had to start over. 

Then, as I'm writing a grocery list in my notebook & things to bring up to my doctor the next day, and generally not listening because 1) her voice is annoying & 2) she doesn't know what she's talking about...I hear..."hypoglycemia." Given that I have a child with hypoglycemia that we have to treat on a daily basis, my ears perked up. And boy was I glad I started paying attention. Oh, boy, was I glad.

Not even 10 minutes after the kidney fiasco, she announces that hypoglycemia is high blood pressure. I'll break this down: hypo means "less than normal"; glycemia is concentration of sugar in the blood. High blood pressure is hypertension. 

Again my hand goes up..."Uh, Ms. TooStupidToTeach, are you talking about hypoglycemia or hypertension, because you're giving the impression that they're the same thing." 

Again much scribbling of notes ensued & a lot of sighing from the students. 

Then...oh, yes, it continued...this is what one of her PowerPoint slides read:
Aldosterone controls:
a) stimulated by ________ K+ directly
b) stimulated by ________ Na+ through renin-angiotensin system

Wanna take a guess why those "_________" are there before the Potassium & Sodium signs? Here's her answer, "Oh, shoot, I was going to look that up before I got here. I didn't know the answer when I made the PowerPoint." Then continued on with the rest of her slides. 

You know what, if I have to tell the teacher when she's wrong & look up the information that she "forgot" to put on the slides, I might as well teach myself. I want a refund. I paid a lot of money for someone to teach me. I paid $400.00 for the book. I'll keep that, teach myself, and the school can refund me the thousands that I paid for Ms. NotATeacher.

I wonder how many things she incorrectly announced that I haven't caught due to my ignoring her. If I felt like a nice person, I would pay attention in class so that I could help my fellow students more often. But since I don't get paid to be a teacher or a tutor, eh, they can fend for themselves. 

Besides, we have too many nursing students in this school. It's not my fault if they don't know what they're doing & don't pass the class...thus eliminating some of the competition for spots in classes. 

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