That's Me

That's Me

Monday, April 23, 2012


I'm aware that I've written quite a bit about Amazing Grace lately. What can I say? She is amazing. It's that, and she has had a lot going on lately, including Prom! 

So of course I have overloaded this post with pictures of her. I included one of me from my Prom. In these pictures we are the exact same age. You decide if we look alike. 

"Princess Grace" as her Gpa has always called her. She truly looks like one here. 
My hair was past my waist. Do you have any idea how long it took the stylist to put it up so it was only  to my neck? 
Amazing Grace's hairdo. I did that--who's amazing now??

The most beautiful Grandmother ever! That's my Mamacita with my baby girl.   

Pinning the nervous boy who of course had to pretend she hurt him.

Hubby & The Boyfriend having an intimate moment after Amazing Grace did her best to get it on there straight.

 Unposed, spontaneous, happy.
 My girl & me.
 The happy couple. 
 I love the way he's looking at her...that boy's got it bad! (And check out her shoes.)
Being all romantic & stuff.

It was such a happy day helping her get ready & doing her hair. I got teary when I saw her so beautiful. I teared up when one of my Extra Daughters came over & I saw how beautiful she was too. Looking at my girls looking like Princesses was an amazing feeling. Seeing how happy Amazing Grace & The Boyfriend were together melted my heart. 

And I'm proud to say that I didn't worry about her one bit all night. 

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