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That's Me

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The New Dating Rule

Sunday night Amazing Grace's boyfriend came over, which has pretty much become our Sunday ritual.

At one point I picked on him for being a Senior dating a Freshman. Dude, when I was in high school, that just didn't happen. Freshmen were not even people to Seniors. They were things that got in the way & not worthy of eye contact.

That Boy asks where we went to high school. The hubs went to a high school that had like, 2 million students. That Boy says, "See? You had more options."

The look on Amazing Grace's face as she realized he had just announced that she was chosen due to lack of options was...well...amazing. Then she pushed him off the couch.

When I told him he would have a lot of sucking up to do (after laughing so hard I had tears) to make her happy again, he said, "No, I'm still in the suck up to the Mom stage."

I swear, every time he comes over, I fall more in love with this  boy. Not only does he know that he needs to suck up to me & keep me happy, but he's awesome with the one line insults. He fits in perfectly with the crazy that is Us.

That Boy went on to tell us that there's a dating rule now. Apparently we are so old that we need to be taught dating rules by a 17 year old.

The rule is no longer upper classmen ignore lower classmen here, because the school is too small to support that rule. The new rule is take your age, divide it by 2, add 7, that's the minimum age you can date.

He's 17, so his math would come out as this: 17/2=8.5+7=15.5.

So according to this rule That Boy could date anyone from 15 1/2 to 20 years old. (20/2=10+7=17, means a 20 year old couldn't go younger than 17, if That Boy wanted to go older.)

It's a very interesting rule. I want to know how this came about. Who sat there long enough to even come up with a "rule" for dating in high school? How desperate was this kid to date someone younger than him, that he had to come up with a new "rule" to be able to justify breaking the whole Senior-Freshman not dating rule?

Or was this a girl who really wanted to be cool by dating a Senior & needed a new "rule" to allow her to accomplish this? Once the new rule was accepted by everyone, did she get her wish?

Thank goodness for kids, otherwise I'd be so out of the loop on the dating math.

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