That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Snow Day

We got a huge snow storm during the night so the kids were hoping for a snow day but all they got was a 2-hour delay.

The hubs decided to stay home & work because the roads were just not very nice, so he got the adult version of a snow day. It's called telecommuting.

You would think that means we would be all, "Whoo hoo, a day together!!"

What this means is that I was in one room on my laptop, he was in another on his computer. I was studying, he was working. We have such exciting lives.

From my room I could hear him talking his computer jibberish on the phone. Whenever I ventured away from my books I saw him typing random letters & numbers. Supposedly these random letters & numbers mean something? I think he's tricking me. He wants me to think he actually works but I know better. He's sitting there saying things that don't make sense so that I think he's all awesome & smart. He doesn't want to verify what I already know he does all day. Computer programmer is just fancy words for plays computer games & Googles stuff all day.

I told him I'd be willing to trade places with him. I'll speak jibberish & he can read. He didn't like that idea. Apparently he doesn't understand my books any more than I understand his geek speak. Which is a bummer because I could use a break.

My brain has pickled. Seriously pickled. I can feel individual brain cells cringing the more I read. They have tiny little, high pitched voices and say things like, "No more, Eddi Girl, we tired. Give us break. Go take nap."

Apparently my brain cells speak in broken English. I think that's because they're so tired.

So I take a break from the books to make dinner while the 15 year old made dessert. I'm at the stove when I hear, "Look, I'm a sous chef!" I turn around to see Girl Teenager waving 2 forks around.

"Do you know what a sous chef is?"

"Yeah, one of those Japanese chefs."
Hibachi chef...sous, same thing.

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