That's Me

That's Me

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is it November?

It's a beautiful fall day in Wisconsin. Except there's random spots of snow in my back yard & 2 abandoned sleds from wishful thinking children. Whether it was my children who left them or not is yet to be determined. I can wear a sweatshirt outside & my daughter has been begging to wear capris to school.

Seriously, where did our winter go? It's just not very February-ish.

I feel like I should go buy a turkey & be planning Thanksgiving. I'm okay with this though. Fall is my favorite time of year. 'Cause the most awesomest holiday is in October...not Birthday!

For the first time ever I've been able to enjoy fall weather for more than 2 months out of the year. The dog thinks it's awesome & refuses to come in the house when I let him outside. He gives me a look like, "I'm not coming back in to lay on the couch. I'm rescuing you from all these damn birds out here." He runs around & around like he's lost his marbles & rolls around in the grass & sunshine. You go, Zipper, soak it up.

We are remodeling our porch into an entryway. I despise houses that have the front door opening right into the living room & carpet. Yet I now live in one. Wet shoes are right on my off-white carpet & you have to walk through the living room to get to the coat closet. Who designed this, really? Someone without children or company or that ever leaves the house, that's who. I need a room where the shoes & coats stay before you enter the living room.

I have the best carpenter ever doing it. I'm so lucky to have gotten him to do this because I've admired his work my entire life. No lie. And I'm pretty partial to his cute little side kick helper man. And I'm not just saying that because my Dad is the master carpenter & his side kick is my brother. I'm a vain girly & that goes for my appearance, my kids' appearance, and my home. Only the best will do when it comes to anything of mine. Blame my Dad for that one, because I grew up knowing second best is not good enough for his baby girl.

Last week my Dad said he couldn't put the new door in until it was over 40 degrees outside. I may or may not have pouted, "I don't want to wait until May! I want that room done already! I like my new door." He showed up a few days later to put the door in. Not because I pouted. Because it was actually over 40 degrees outside.

Now I know why the weather is being so nice to me. Mother Nature knew those few extra feet of space was very much needed in my home. Sorry, everyone that wanted year you can have snow mobiling weather. This year I get my room finished.

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