That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We've Always Taught Our Kids the True Meaning of Christmas is Not the Gifts...

I saw Jimmy Kimmel had a Christmas challenge for parents to give a horrible present to their kids & video tape it. Since I love a good challenge, and I'm the coolest Mom ever, I decided to see what would happen if I did this.
It's a long video but worth it, 'cause well, they're my kids so their reactions are awesome.

Hubby & I decided on the perfect gift for each of the 6 children:
15 year old daughter, who's nickname is Pineapple ("I'm brown on the outside, blonde on the inside!"): a pineapple head
13 year old son, who finds all female anythings horrid: a pack of birth control pills, a kotex, a tampax
12 year old daughter, who had a very long discussion with us on the virtues of a certain brand of tissues: a crumpled up tissue to give it the appearance of being used, a spent candle, her brother's baseball cap complete with cat hair on the brim
9 year old son: a styrofoam take out box with a 4 day old garlic bread crust
8 year old daughter, who's nickname is Monkey: 1 of hubby's gym shoes, a pair of hubby's boxer shorts, and bottle of Anti-Monkey Butt powder
6 year old daughter: an empty Bottle Caps candy box & a KMart plastic bag that may or may not have had a hole in the side of it.

Now if anyone in your life doesn't fully appreciate a gift you gave them, show them what my kids got. I guarantee they'll be thankful they didn't have me purchasing their presents. Especially if it's a 13 year old boy. 

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