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That's Me

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scaring Children Should Go On Resumes as a Talent

So I was going to put this up after Halloween but the video was not behaving. Now it's behaving & even though it was taken on Halloween 2011, over 2 months ago, it's never too late to laugh at scared children.

Here's the details:
We have this very popular drive-through haunted thingy in our area that is just awesome. They set it up every October, no admission fee, and you can choose to be scared or not. They have people dressed up as creepy as they can get & they hide on the side of the road & some walk along the road. You never know when one will appear 'cause they are literally everywhere (if you choose to be scared). If your car is unlocked, you'll end up with hitch hikers.

A popular thing to do is ride in the back of a pickup, with van doors open, or the back of an SUV with the hatch open, which is what the girls begged to do that night. They love to be scared & I can't even count how many times we had gone through Haunted Hollow with children hanging out of the vehicle.

This video is just a short snippet of our trip there with my oldest & her friend who is like another daughter. We were there for half an hour & at one point we looked back to find 2 monsters sitting in their place. The 2 daughters had been taken out of the truck & we had been driving around with monsters (some days that's the same thing).

At the end, the monsters took off their masks & talked to the girls & gave them extra candy because they said their reactions were the best they'd gotten all month.

I have a few things to apologize for:
1.The video is dark because it was 10 at night & I didn't put the camera light on because the girls didn't know I'd begun taping
2.There is a vehicle behind us so their light is right in the middle of video
3.I laugh loudly under normal circumstances, so it's very loud with a video camera next to my face
4.I missed some of the action because I didn't want the girls to know I was taping

The opening scene is a giant ape wanting a hug & kiss from one of the girls. They had already gone through 25 minutes of nonstop torture from these certain monsters that wouldn't leave them alone. Something about the ape & this other monster with a deep voice was scaring the tar out of the one daughter...Enjoy!

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