That's Me

That's Me

Friday, January 27, 2012

Stress Management

I'm sitting here writing a very long paper on stress management. This is the third paper on this topic that I've had to write in the last year. It's a common theme with the psych instructors. Makes sense.

But of course I'm too goody-goody to recycle my papers. 'Cause that would be wrong. I think.

And I've had the same professor for Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and now Abnormal Psychology. I just know she has my papers in frames in her office & she admires them every day, so of course she would know if I didn't write a new one each semester. There are other psych teachers at my school, so I know what is happening. Each semester I sign up for a class & she says, "Oh, let me have her! Please please please! She's my favorite!"


I have no problem filling out the section titled "Ten Stressors" where I have to name & describe them. Heck, I could come up with 100 in 30 seconds. Unfortunately they have to be general stressors, not names of people. I'm sure she would have gotten a kick out of my description of a few of the people-stressors in my life, so sucks to be her 'cause now she'll never get to read that.

I have no problem writing about the section titled "Ten Stress Reactions" or the section about stress-related thoughts that make it more difficult to work through a stress. Please! I'm a master at all of those.

What I find funny, and completely ironic, is that I have to write about successful stress management. As someone who takes migraine & anxiety medications. And has Shingles for the 6th time...which is an illness that can be brought on by stress.

Hmm...I do believe I'd do better reading the other students' papers to get coping tips than writing my own. Maybe I'll just send her the link to my blog & she'll give me a medical excuse to not finish this paper.

"Hey, Eddi Girl, you know I'm just a phone call away."

I know, baby, but unfortunately I can't list Gerard Butler as a coping method. I asked.

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