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That's Me

Friday, January 13, 2012

Polar Bears in 8-Day Russia...Why Not?

Normally a snow storm is nothing to write home about here in Wisconsin. That's like saying the sun is shining in Florida. Except this year. We are having the driest winter ever. I think Georgia has gotten more snow than we have...that's sad (and may or may not be true).'s finally winter because there is snow covering everything. Not just patches of it like the last time it snowed, but actual real live snow the kids can play in.

It snowed here all day yesterday. Hubby was at work & asked me, via chat, how much snow we'd gotten. Since cubicles don't come with windows, he didn't even know how much snow he'd gotten where his office is.

Now not only am I the most amazing, awesome, loving wife & mother, but I'm also the Rain Man of snow? I can just look outside & know exactly how many snow flakes have fallen or how many inches are sitting in the driveway? Why has no one told me I had this ability until now? I could have impressed bored people at parties by looking out the window & muttering in a monotone, "6,703 flakes over 13 square inches equals 1.27 inches of snow."

Source "Really, Eddi? Counting flakes? No, baby, you don't have to do anything to impress me; you've already got my heart." Yeah, you wish Gerard would talk to you like that.

Obviously I'm not actually a Rain Man of Snow (wouldn't that just be a Snow Man?) 'cause I have no idea what I'm talking about. Please, no one email me to say how off my math is or something 'cause really...I didn't do any math to get those numbers. I can totally see my math genius hubby Googling (he loves Google, my little computer programmer man) how many flakes fall in Wisconsin over how many hours dividing that by how many square inches are in the total square feet of Wisconsin multiplying that by my little math I made up, subtracting a piece of pi, factoring in for meltage, and algebraing a totally different number than what I got. 

So instead of saying all that stupidity to hubby, the following occurred: 

 ICE:  wow, how much do we have?
 me:  15'
so we're in Alaska now?
 me:  russia
 Sent at 3:07 PM on Thursday
 ICE:  doesn't look like its stopping any time soon

 me:  it snows 24/7 here in russia
i got you a new pet--a polar bear
he's on the porch

 ICE:  well its a good things there 8 days in a week in russia
 me:  how do they get an extra day?
they have the same hours we do
Sent at 3:09 PM on Thursday
 me:  hey! how do we get 8 days here in russia
 Sent at 3:17 PM on Thursday
 ICE:  because they're higher up on the globe so they spin faster
therefore they get 8 days in a week
 me:  i see
 ICE:  people at the north pole get 14
 me: russia has 8 days & north pole has 14...just like band guys get laid more?

 Sent at 3:22 PM on Thursday

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  1. Actually there are about 10,000,000 snow flakes in a cubic foot of snow. So if you had 1" of snow in a square foot you would have about 833,333 flakes. But 6,000 flakes is close!


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