That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, November 26, 2011

As If I Needed Another Thing To Be Scared Of

Octopuses can walk on dry land. Yes, you read that correctly. They can walk on dry land

I watched this video...
Scary Octopus Walks On Land To Find Dinner (not the actual name of the video, but it should be)
and now I'm frightened. What I saw is a placenta with dangly arms, walking

Octopus belong in water. In water that is far from my house. I live in a state without an ocean for a reason. The creatures in oceans can stay far away from me & do their little ocean-creature thing & I don't need to know about it.

Now these nasty things are coming out of their habitat to roam about among humans. That's not right! What's to stop it from hitching a ride on a semi carrying a load of lobsters...just suction its nasty little tentacles to the bottom of the semi...and ride all the way up to Wisconsin. That semi drives past my house & the damn suctiony creature lets its tentacles lose its grip on the bottom of the semi trailer...and it walks up to my house! 

It could happen. Now I have to move. So that the semi carrying an octopus hitch hiker can't drive past my house.

I don't want to move. But I'm now greatly scared of walking octopus. 

According to that website, it's not uncommon for octopus to walk out of the water, but I didn't know about it. Now I know. That's a problem. 

I do not want a placenta with suctiony, dangling arms to come visit me. Ever.

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