That's Me

That's Me

Monday, December 14, 2015

This Is What Happens...

 ...when you let a fellow student practice her IV insertion skills on you.

2 days later.

Better me than a patient. 

3 days later.

I volunteered because I'm all about helping other students improve their skills. My arm apparently didn't agree and was showing its outrage.

The worst part wasn't that it was very obvious or that it looked hideous. Or that it produced odd little yellow lines down my arm like I got bored and drew on myself with a highlighter. It's that the colors of the bruise made one of my freckles particularly stand out and look like a nipple.

A nipple.

On my arm. Where nipples should never appear.

This lovely little mark of my sacrifice lasted a full 5 weeks. I had a yellow, purple, and blue nipple on my arm for 5 weeks. I bet you can't say you've ever had to carry that around with you.

I really hope that this student, who is graduating this week, has gotten a wee bit more practice since she transformed my arm into a hideous mark of her novice skills. I am sure her future patients would appreciate it. As for me, no more taking one for the team. I learned my lesson.

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