That's Me

That's Me

Monday, July 27, 2015

Will I Ever Graduate??

It feels like I have been in school forever. FOREVER.

Like, dude, this is never going to end. NEVER.

Then you add to it that going to school in the summer sucks. That is all there is to it. No sugar coating it. No seeing the positives. It just simply sucks. 

The kids are home and want to do stuff. I have to study.

Friends want to make plans. I have to study.

It's hot and I melt very easily. I have to study. 

There are tons of fun things to do in the summer. I have to study. 

This winter I was overwhelmed and stressed out because of my school schedule, lack of adequate sleep, everything else that comes with raising 27 children, and increasing pain. My spine doctor was not happy with how it was affecting my health. Since those things cause Evil Back to act out like an insolent child who doesn't get its way, my doctor nicely gave me options about school. 

He is Dr. Amazing and his options were just as amazing as I would expect. "You can either eliminate something in your life or it'll be too much and your back won't handle it" Wow. Such sweet options. Thank you for being blunt, Dr. Amazing. 

Together we decided that the 6 kids couldn't go. The husband has to work the long hours, so that can't be changed. After racking my brain, I looked at him and said, "There is nothing I can change. I am not dropping out of school." His reply? "If you don't change something, you won't graduate. You no longer have a choice." Apparently he wasn't blunt enough the first time. The damage in my spine has spread upward and outward, affecting more joints and causing more pain. 

Oh. Well. When you put it that way...

Let's figure out what we can do here, because now I get it. I'm damaging my spine further by pushing it in the usual Eddi style. Got it.

So I transferred from my school to a campus that is closer to my house. It's a very long, boring story on why I didn't go there originally (and it doesn't make a faulty member look good), but eh, I'm there now. It cut my drive from 90 minutes one way to 70 minutes round trip. That's huge, since driving makes Evil Back especially evil

I also cut my schedule in half. The classes I was supposed to take together last quarter were divided into 2 separate quarters for me, making my graduation date 3 months later than originally planned on. I won't be graduating this September because of stretching out these classes instead of taking them together, but hey, I will graduate and that's all that matters. 

And...I get to have a calmer summer. So, while I am studying a lot of the time, it's not as much as I would be if I had kept up the schedule I originally had. Evil Back is happier which means I am too.  

Except when I have to leave my kids having fun in the nice pool, enjoying their carefree day, and I am reminded that I am an adult and have to do adult things. 

Then I drive home after a long day
looking like this. 

So, will I ever graduate? Heck to the yeah, I'll graduate. I just have to do it on Evil Back's schedule instead of mine. I've already proven that roadblocks are simply detours because I don't believe in stop signs in life. It's not going to stop me. 

We'll be partying in December, baby! It'll be a great Christmas present...with graduation comes a long nap. Sorry kids & hubby, I'll see you in January after I catch up on all this lost sleep.

Just remind me of this in a few weeks when I again feel like it will never end, okay?

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