That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fat Cat Attacks Other Fat Cat

And now, how about a little bit of entertainment from The Fat Cat?

Every morning, as soon as he hears my eyelids open, Watson greets me by running across the bed with all his might and flying at me as fast as his oversized body will allow. Which is surprisingly fast. He's very quick and agile for someone with so much extra fluff on his body. He defies physics every single day, simply by moving.

Just as he is about to fly directly into my face, he suddenly stops. He stands there and stares at me through half closed eyes while he purrs louder than a lawn mower. It's his happy face. "You had your eyes closed for so long! I thought you would never open them again."

Then he slowly steps onto my chest with one paw, then the next paw, steps foward until his body is halfway on top of me, and sometimes he swings his wide back end over to get his back feet on to my belly. With a back leg on either side of me, he lays down with his face just inches from mine. 

Other times he leaves his back feet on the bed and lays down on me with the rest of his body. It looks so weird because he doesn't bend his back legs, he leaves them standing. I wanted to take a picture of how he was laying on me like this, in his odd little laying/standing way.

I placed the camera on a pillow. It not only captured how he sits, it also gave me a comical series of reactions from a very special cat. 

"Whoa...there's a cat in that little box."

"That fat cat moved when I did."

"I thought we agreed, no more cats in this house."

"He's 'ookin' at me."

"How are you not seeing this, woman??"

Kitty double take. 
"He's not back there."

"There he is again!"

"You think this a game of hide and seek?"

"Think you can hide on me?"

"Now you're a tough guy? You wanna go?!"

"Let's go!"


"Now who's the tough guy? You missed me."

"Don't look at me like that, fat cat."

"I'm talkin' to you!"

"Now you're boring me, just staring at me like that." 

"Just remember who's boss around here, boy."

Love bites.

Cuz how else do you tell the
fat cat in the little
box that you don't
share your mama?

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