That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My New Stove

Our stove died on Christmas. If you missed it, you can read about it here. It was devastating. Seriously.

A ham in the oven. Potatoes, squash, & other yummy goodness on the burners. Turn on the burners one by one. Get to burner #3 &...wait, what was that? Do you smell that? That's not the ham & I've never smelled boiling water, so unless water suddenly has a scent...we have a fire. 

Yup, we had a fire. Under the burners. Don't know why.

The stove just decided it was going to be lazy and going on its own version of a holiday vacation right that second. Didn't matter that it had a job to do & I had promised that it was less than 30 minutes until dinner.

The stove didn't care. And it especially didn't care that I have a high pitched wail that sends neighborhood dogs fleeing for cover miles away. It was lazy and all of its give a damns were broken.

It wasn't the one that had to face many, many very hungry people. Many of whom have the ability to crush me when their sensibilities abandon them and their brain wanders in starvation-induced psychosis. And let me tell you, teenagers do go into starvation mode when it's been more than 2 hours between feedings & it ain't perty.

I had to wait a few days until we found a new stove and then a few more days until it was ready to be mine. The day that sucker was delivered, I said I wasn't making dinner in the microwave (do you want to eat radiation? I think not), pizza oven (not a big frozen pizza person), or toaster (ew, toast). I was waiting for that baby to be in my home, plugged in in my kitchen, & then I would cook. I had the roast in the crockpot. I had the vegetables in their pans. I was just waiting to be able to cook them.

I heard the truck pull up. I grabbed the pans. I stood there waiting with my pans in my hands as the stove was wheeled into the kitchen. It was placed in its little brick alcove & plugged in. Before it could be pushed back in place and the counter pushed up next to it, I said, "Wait!" The boys backed up & looked at me, waiting to see why I stopped them before they could push everything back up to the walls.

I put the vegetables on the stove & turned it on.

You can't tell, but it's a foot from the
back wall & the cupboard/counter has
even more room that that when it should
be right next to it. 

Mama had cooking to do & Mama wasn't waitin'. Do you see the time on that clock?? Refer back to the 6th paragraph. I wanted to live. This new stove was learning who was the Queen of the Kitchen & this time it wasn't going to be the stove.

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