That's Me

That's Me

Monday, October 27, 2014

But It's Organizing!

I was telling hubby how a girl in my class said she went to an office supply store and was showing me what she got. I'm kinda sorta known as The Organized One at school, and I get really excited when people take after me and I see their new binders with tabs and sheet protectors, all organized. I mean, really excited. 

Me: I was like, you went to Office Depot without me? That's one of my favorite places!

Hubby: What'd she say to that? 

Me: She laughed that it was one of my favorite places. But, seriously, office supplies

Hubby: [shaking head]

Me: What?

Hubby: It's funny that your favorite place to shop is an office supplies store. 

Me: I didn't say it was my favorite. It's one of my favorites. I also love kitchen supply stores. 

Hubby: Mhmm.

Me: How can you not love looking at all those organizational supplies and Sharpies? Oh, my gosh, the Sharpies!!

Hubby: Oh boy.

Me: Target has a huge display of just Sharpies. In every color you can imagine. Every! Color! Look at the Sharpies I got. 

Hubby: You got more? You are obsessed. 

Me: No. I needed School Sharpies. I have Household Sharpies and Scrapbooking Sharpies. I got my favorite colors; purple, black, and silver, just for my binders and tabs. 

Hubby: [just looking at me]

Me: [looking down at my Sharpies with the sudden realization that I was as excited as a toddler with a lollipop] This isn't normal, is it?

Hubby: No. A 3-hole punch, that's normal. People have those. Normal people don't have laminators and label makers and want to go shopping for office supplies. 

Me: But it's organizing! 

Hubby: [walking away]

He had the same look he always does when I get distracted walking through any store and, in a trance, drift down the aisles of organizing items and office supplies. I know this look well. It's the same look I get in Menard's or Fleet Farm. Head down, shuffling feet, slumped shoulders: defeated, best to just get through it because resistance is futile.  

Clearly, he just does not understand.  

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