That's Me

That's Me

Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Florida Vacation

Hubby had to go to Florida for a work conference and it was perfect timing for me to go along so we made a vacation out of it. They were putting him at a resort at Universal Studios for a week, how could I not want to go? I set it all up with my instructors to do all my classes online for the week and off we went. 

View outside my hotel window.

If you want to see a bunch of pictures, read on. I did trim the post down so it's not an obnoxious amount of characters, rides, & other things we enjoyed. If you want to see more of that, you'll have to come over and see the other 300 pictures in the scrapbooks that I will be making in my spare time. 

I have to say that I was very happy to find that Coke seems to be The Drink in Orlando, Florida. It was everywhere and Pepsi was nowhere to be found. It was odd & quite thrilling. 

I also really loved the statue
outside our hotel. 

Why do my vacations have to
include homework?
This is what I did while hubby
was in conferences.

The hotel said that a water taxi for our trip to the parks was included with our stay. Just so you don't get disappointed if you're ever in the same resort, let me tell you that a water taxi is not someone in a cart that follows you around the park with all the cold water you could drink. 

I know that is what you think it must be. It's not. 

imagined a much
different water taxi."
This is a water

Even if it wasn't what my imagination
had come up with, it was still nice.

Okay, we really liked the water taxi.

One thing I do not like
about Florida: Bugs the
size of my fist.
Another thing I
do not like about
Florida: the

While at Universal Studios, these people started running through the streets yelling about how the super heroes were coming. These people were making a huge fuss and we were expecting a parade. We got...


parade ever.
We recovered from the disappointment of the parade, I promise. The next time the handlers ran through the streets yelling about the super heroes coming, though, we did not fall for it.

What we think of the parks.

What we think of the humidity.

Hubby met his favorite,
...and watched me get eaten
by Jaws...

...after I posed with my
Lucy with Lucy.

We got these 2 magnets at I Love Lucy Tribute...

...because this sums
up the 2 of us.

Told ya. The picture of us
(on the left, if you
can't tell) was taken
the day
after we got engaged. 

And that is why we are Lucy & Ricky.

He's just as
awesome in person.

Of course, anything to do with Despicable Me was a must.

This Minion's eye is
as big as my

The Minion 4-D ride.

Like Jimmy Buffet said, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

Dude. A blender cup.

That's totally a cyclone inside a
blender the size of a hobbit house.

Gotta get pictures with the Universal ball. Gotta.

Hubby holding up the Universal ball.

Trying to not let
it fall on me.

Don't worry, folks, I
got it back in place.

The best food in Orlando, Florida...

Not Emeril.

"What's he looking at?"

Breakfast with Gru & Minions!

And Hop!
 As much fun as the vacation was, I got home sick and couldn't wait to see the kidlets.

On the plane taking us to our babies.
Hubby's first time using my netbook.
Neither one of us knew
he took a picture when he didn't know
what he was doing. 

It was a wonderful vacation and time for just the 2 of us and I'm so glad we got to do this. 

I was really glad to come home to Wisconsin where the temperatures weren't trying to bake me and the humidity wasn't trying to kill me. Sorry, Florida folks, your weather is not for me! 

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