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That's Me

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hubby Just Doesn't Appreciate Naughty Elf

Apparently hubby doesn't appreciate my version of Elf on the Shelf. I have never read the book & I have no desire to read it. The whole idea of it bothers me.

I don't feel right about telling my kids that I'm allowing this creepy Elf Creeper into our home, their Safe Place, to watch everything they do & tell on them to some guy they don't know who will also be sneaking into their Safe Place while they're sleeping. The idea of a guy who devotes his time to getting children to trust him by enticing them with toys, who has easy access to every child's home, & who watches everything they do so he can decide if they're good or not, is a wee bit too predator-like for me. (Side note: this is just one of many reasons Santa has never made an appearance in my home.) And now parents go along with this idea of a little predator helper reporting back to the predator. No wonder kids are so messed up these days.

Since I haven't read the book, I may be doing it wrong, but eh, that happens. 

No, there's nothing creepy
about this guy. Nothing at all.

After my Grandma passed away, I inherited boxes & boxes of her Christmas decorations. Christmas was a big deal to my Grandma so she had a lot of decorations, dating way back to when her kids were little. I haven't been able to go through all of her stuff because I get emotional thinking about Grandma with each piece I pull out, but one of the items that I found was an elf.

It's dated 1950-something so this is pre-the Elf on the Shelf. This is the original, yo. This is an elf that was not designed to creep people out & create nightmares in children.

Since he's an original, he got an original name from me. World, meet Naughty Elf. He does what all the Elf  on the Shelf Impostors wish they could do.

His sign says,
"When I think about you,
I touch myself."
He's in a cubby on hubby's
computer desk, sitting
above & to the left of hubby's head.

Now tell me why Naughty Elf ended up like this...

What is Naughty Elf doing
in that cup?

...because hubby just does not appreciate my efforts. 

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