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That's Me

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day my kids went to their dad's house at noon, so hubby & I were childless for the afternoon & night. 

After the kids left, hubby & I watched Hallmark movies & took bets on which predictable ending the movie would have. Would the broken-hearted woman show up at the door of the man she detested throughout the entire movie but is obviously secretly in love with? Or is he going to turn around & rescue her from the jerk of a fiancee that she just caught cheating on her? 

It's a lot like Strip Poker, only without cards, chips, or well, poker. So I guess it's not like Strip Poker, since the only thing Strip Hallmark Movie has in common is the Strip part. It's the best game ever because there are no losers in Strip Hallmark Movie.


we had a chill day. Movies, nap, take-out Chinese. And Midnight Walking. 

Leaving Mom & Dad 2's house on Christmas Eve, we saw a couple walking down the street in the blizzard & hubby & I had the same thought. It looked so sweet, seeing these 2 people holding hands, strolling along with the snow falling, that we decided we would do the same thing at midnight Christmas night. 

Of course, it's completely possible that the couple was actually walking for help because their car went into a snow bank [for the record, I never saw a car in a snow bank, I'm only saying it's possible] & they weren't actually lovingly walking close, they were only close & holding hands to share body heat. The sweet words we thought they were saying to each other could have actually been an argument--"I told you we should have stayed home & do Christmas tomorrow, but no, you didn't want to upset your Mother." "How was I supposed to know the roads are this bad?" "Because it's a freakin' blizzard, you moron!"  "Oh, shut up. I gave you my scarf, didn't I?" "You wouldn't have to if you had only listened to me instead of caring more about your Mother's feelings than if your wife needs to walk in a blizzard & lose her toes. Ass."

It's entirely possible that that is what was going on, but from inside our truck, watching them, it looked awfully romantic, the 2 of them leaning into each other, holding hands, the snow falling around them. 

So we made plans for the next night. We were going to have a walk in the snow at midnight. 

At midnight Christmas night we donned our scarves, gloves, & jolly elf hats. Out the door we went into the quiet, snowy night. 

Mr. & Mrs. Eddi Girl at

We started out walking on the snowy sidewalk, 'cause well, that's where people walk. Then we saw this guy...

Unable to walk a
straight line, staggering,
& in the road.

...obviously leaving the bar. Since he could walk down the middle of the road, we decided we could too. Why let the drunks have all the fun?

Mr. & Mrs. Eddi Girl, shadow version.

Then I wondered if others would think we had just left the bar too. But then I also figured not many people are up in the middle of the night after Christmas, so it didn't matter, & the people who were up were probably jealous of our romantic midnight walk & not thinking about us as drunks.

Our town is so pretty in the winter.

The wind was in our faces
on the way back.

Snowy, sleepy town.

Chilling after our walk, Nemo jumped from the floor, straight onto hubby's chest, & just stared at him. 

"Hello, sir. If you don't pet me I will kill you
in your sleep."

Hubby didn't immediately obey, so she turned the death stare to me.

"Does he not get how serious this is?"


"Yeah, that's the spot."


And then Watson discovered Kit Kats. 

Little stinker thought it was the best thing he's ever had, even better than clams & shrimp. We had quite the wrestling match to get that thing away from him.

Lickin' his lips.

"It's mine."

"All mine. Back off, woman."

After I finally wrestled the Kit Kat away from Watson, he ran around the house for the next 4 hours, acting like a fool, looking for more Cat Crack aka chocolate. For the first time in his life, I actually saw him climb a wall. He flew from one side of our bedroom, to the other side, without touching the bed in between. For 4 hours. Now he howls whenever he sees someone with a wrapper even close to a Kit Kat wrapper or if he smells a cup of hot chocolate. Never again will any candy be within his reach. 

Other than being awakened all night by Psycho Cat, it was a great Christmas & I love our new Midnight Walk tradition. 

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