That's Me

That's Me

Friday, November 15, 2013

A Special, Special Day

Baby Blondie meeting her Great Great Gram
at 1 day old.
At 1:24 this afternoon, I did the same thing I do every November 15 at 1:24 in the afternoon. I relived, in my mind, the exact moment my #3 child was born. That moment when a beautiful little girl came into this world in a very surprising way. The surprise turned to alarm as we all saw her cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times and she was, as I'm documented as saying, " purple as grape Dimetapp."

Thankfully she recovered just fine & my alarm & tears of fear turned to excitement & tears of joy. My precious little 9 lb., 22", completely bald, beautiful bundle of excitement & joy.

Today that sweet baby girl turned 14.

Blondie is one of the sweetest, happiest, caring people you will ever meet. She will go out of her way to cheer someone up or correct an injustice.

Smiled early & she hasn't
stopped smiling since.
From the time she was a little baby, I've always used the same 1 word to describe her: happy. Year after year, that doesn't change. She's happy. The smile on her face can brighten any bad day & it's always there.

When Blondie was in Kindergarten, there was a little boy in her class who was different from the other kids. The second day of school, a group of kids circled around this boy on the playground & made fun of him for his obvious disabilities. My Blondie...the shy little girl who wrapped her body around my legs & buried her face in my clothing when others spoke to her...the little girl who was painfully shy...walked to the center of that circle of kids. She put her hands around the little boy who was being picked on & said to the other kids, "If you are going to pick on him, then you're not my friend. My friends don't pick on each other." Then she took his hand & led him away. You know what happened? None of those kids picked on that little boy again & they all befriended him. Way back then I asked Blondie how she had the courage to do that & she said that when someone else is upset, she has to help, even if she feels too shy & thinks she can't. She has to.

That's Blondie. My peace keeper.

She's also the best secret keeper ever. One night when she was 3, she woke up just after my nightly 9:00 show came on. I brought her into my room with me & I rocked her while I watched my show. I also shared my Reece's with her. The next night, after everyone had been asleep for a while, I turned the channel to my 9:00 show. A few minutes later, a pink bundle of feetie pajamas appeared in my doorway. "Mama?"

I scooped up my precious little bundle & rocked her again. And shared my Reece's again.

Just like they tell you not to feed stray cats because you'll never get rid of shouldn't feed wandering babies because you'll develop a new ritual. Yup. Pretty soon, this little 3 year old was waiting in her bed until she heard the music that was the start of the show. Then she would come flying down the hall & appear at my door with a "Mama?" I'd smile & tell her to come over to me. Every single time, before she would come to me, she would stop at my desk, open the top drawer, & reach in the back to pull out a Reece's. She'd turn around with a smile & ask, "For you, me?"

After the show was over, before carrying her to her bed, every single time I'd put my finger to my lips & say, "This is our secret, baby." She'd put her finger to her lips & say, "Ou' seket."

11 years later she remembers those nights & has still never told anyone about it.

Blondie's First Christmas. Me, Blondie (5 weeks),
Boy Teenager (22 mo.), Amazing Grace (3)
Not only is Blondie a great secret keeper, she is an awesome little sister, a great big sister, an amazing daughter, & a really great friend. She's trustworthy & would never purposefully hurt any living soul. She has always been an animal lover & with just a look, she would be able to pet untamed horses when no one else could touch them. There is something about her that animals just trust. Her love for animals is as big as her smile & as deep as the place she hides her oldest secrets. As a toddler Blondie made the connection between the chickens on the farm & the chicken on her plate. After making the connection she said she was no longer eating her friends & animals are her friends.

That's how big her heart is.

I really hope she never loses that sensitive, justice seeking, thoughtful way about her. The world needs more people like Blondie in it & I am the luckiest world in the world because I get to say, "I'm her Mom!"

Blondie, I hope you know how much you are loved, how special you are, & how much you bring to our lives just by being you. Happy Birthday, baby girl, Mama loves you!

Baby Blondie (1 mo.) & me
at a tea party.

Blondie (14) & me today.

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