That's Me

That's Me

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Watson's a Busy, Busy Boy

5:00 am
"Daddy, I'm hungry. Wake up."
"Did you hear the alarm?
Get up, Mama!" 
"I'll just sit here on your
chest so I'm the first thing
you see. Again."

6:31 am
"Nothin' like a morning scratch
to start the day just right."
"Kneading your chest while you
scratch my neck. Heaven."
"I'm glad you woke up.
I missed you."
"No, you don't have to
get up. Stay here."

8 am
"You can't knit if I eat
the knitting needles on you."
"Do you see me here?"

"You really think you're
going to knit? Pet me instead."

"Seriously. Put these
down & pet me."
8:15 am
"Wait. What is that
hanging in front of you?"

"Let me take care of
that for you."

"You didn't want that
string from your
hoodie, right?"
9 am
"Must. Nap. Now."
10: 06 am
"Is this what I think it is?"

"Is that...?"
"It is!"
"Why is that horrible
trimmer that attacked me
still in this house?!"

"There! I knock
you down, evil trimmer!"
"See if you ever come
near me again."

"Yeah, that's right. I knocked it
out of its charger. Deal with it."
10:15 am
"If I lay on your clothes, you
can't get ready for work & have
to stay home to pet me all day."
10:30 am
"I'm going to miss you while
you're at work..."
" here's a love bite to hold
you over until you get home."

11:00 am
"Scratch me or you can't
get to your beloved Coke."
11:15 am
"Feel free to do whatever
you need to. I'll be over
here holding down your bed."

12:00 pm
"I didn't do it. My guess
is Lennon. He's a little shit,

12:45 pm
"This is the only way to wash
this belly. Do you mind giving
me some privacy here?"
12:48 pm
"I just can't stay awake
one more second."

"Baths are so exhausting."

4:02 pm
"Dang kids petting me. Now
I need to bathe again."
"Only Mama can pet me
without me needing to take a
bath afterward."
"Don't these people get that
they can't just pet me
 whenever they want to??"

"They make me smell like People & I have to
wash it off every single time."

5:45 pm
"Feed me, Daddy!"
9 pm
"Don't mind me. Every time
you come in here, I'm still in the
same spot, staring at nothing, just
to scare you before you go to bed."
10 pm
"Mama's foot..."
"...a good pillow."

10:30 pm
"Mama's foot is also good for
the other end & resting
my leg on."
11 pm
"Mama's foot is good for
rubbing my belly too."
"Oops! Better not roll that way.
The bed ends there."

"Ah, that's the spot."
12 am
"It's okay that you moved
your foot. I've got my own

3 am
"I'll lay on your
butt 'cause you'll have to open
your eyes & pet me."
5 am
"Hey, Daddy, I'm hungry.
Wake up & feed me!"

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