That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Grandma's Birthday

I had the awesome opportunity to be able to celebrate the Birthday of hubby's Grandma. She is such an amazing lady & I am so blessed to have her as my Grandma. She's one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met & is just full of love--she is one of those people that just loves life & her family & you can see it all over her face.

Being her 93rd Birthday, we had to do something exciting. What is more exciting than putting Grandma in a chair & telling her she can't leave the room until after we've finished with her surprise? 

Seeing her reaction to the surprise when you finally let her out of said chair. That was the best reaction I've ever seen. 

"That's so funny!"
"What did you
guys do?!"

 What was her surprise? Hubby managed to fit 93 candles on her cake.  

"That sure is a lot
of candles."
Count 'em: 93.
Grandme & Eddi Girl

Grandma thought it was hilarious that I
tried to be her height.

 Grandma was tickled pink over my hat. "I just love your hat! Your whole outfit...that look just snazzy! I remember the day when us ladies always wore a hat. I love that you're wearing a hat! When each of my kids got married, I got a new hat. I just loved my hats." She was even more thrilled when I told her about my love of old hats & how I display that hats & hat boxes that I inherited from my Grandma. I was even happier that I had chosen that day to debut my new hat, because it made Grandma so happy to see me wearing it.

"Why'd you stab me with
a fork? It was her!"
It was during dinner that we all discovered just how much hubby is like his beloved Grandma. When I looked over & saw the 2 of them sneaking food to the dog...who just happened to know if she sat between these two, she would get fed...they both ratted each other out with the same exact look.

"She did it!"                                "He did it!"

While Grandma's reaction to seeing ALL those candles was the most exciting part of the day, lighting the candles was definitely a close second.

This is why I love my sister in-law. A propane torch
to light the candles. Because matches would
take too long.

Big breath in...

...huge breath out!

Hubby & Mom 2 chipped in to help Grandma blow out the candles & I was filming it. When everyone paused to take a second breath, from right next to me came this torrent of wind power as if someone had let loose a field of windmills in the house. This gust of wind came propelling past my right shoulder, over Grandma's head, down onto the table, & blew out the many remaining candles on that cake. Go, Sister! Who knew she was so full of hot air able to blow out candles from half a room away? Did I mention she's a smoker? I bow down to you, Sister. 

I can't forget the doll someone made for Grandma. The entire front & back was labeled with ailments of aging. While I was looking it over, Grandma said, "They're all me. I have all of those!"

Of course I asked, "The sagging buns
Grandma said her buns are so saggy, they're not even on her butt anymore. Who can top that? 

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