That's Me

That's Me

Monday, August 19, 2013

Ginger Girl's Morning

The other morning, as I was getting dressed, I hear, "Mommy?" Without turning around, I answered, "Yeah, baby." 

To which I hear, "Mommy, your closet tried to hang me up." 

Say what? 

I turned around to find this...

Sad face, holding a hanger.

Oh, wait,she's not holding the hanger.
The hanger is holding her.

Apparently Ginger Girl bumped the hanger just right as she walked past it. The hungry little hanger leaped out of the closet & bit into her hair all piled on her head. It is pure talent to get a hanger to do that, I swear. 

After I took the pictures...totally not laughing hysterically of course...I noticed some pictures on my camera that I hadn't seen before. I have previously mentioned how a few certain someones love my camera's ability to front face, allowing you to see a picture of yourself as you take it. So it wasn't a surprise to find these pictures, but it was enjoyable...

And that's not all. This was just a select few of the selfies that I was completely unaware of, even though they were taken right next to me that same morning.

Part of my favorite things about having older kids is that if I happen to sleep in, they're okay! Seriously. Unlike with toddlers, I can trust them to not tear my house apart or light it on fire. And unlike babies, they actually let me sleep. Older kids are awesome. Obviously I hadn't thought about 1 of those older children grabbing my phone & performing a modeling session right next to me while I'm drooling & talking in my sleep. I may have to hide my phone at night.

I already have to hide my phone from myself when I go to sleep, because I have a tendency to text & call people in my sleep. Imagine that totally awkward moment the next day when someone tries to continue a conversation with me from the night before & I have no memory of it. Amazingly enough, I'm absolutely coherent in my sleep. Thankfully I've found a spot where the phone is safe when I'm asleep.

On second thought, I think I'll keep my phone right where it is at night. Those surprise pictures are better than any middle of the night text session.

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