That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Steak, Random Truck Parts, Morticia & Gomez

Saturday night hubby & I went to see The Addams Family the musical. It was okay. Not the best--by far--but not the worst--by far--that we've seen. It was funny, even if some of the jokes were predictable or cheesy. There were points I had tears from laughing so hard & in my book that's bonus points for any show. I have always loved The Addams Family & I enjoyed this show even if it wasn't a very memorable one.

I did learn something from the show Saturday night. I discovered why I've had this love of The Addams Family: Gomez worships the ground Morticia walks on. It's awesome. If hubby introduced me the way Gomez introduces Morticia, going on for 5 minutes about me being the love of his life, the woman he would die for, his sole reason for living, I would never need another sparkly item for my finger or neck, ever again.

Hubby pointed out that all I need to be Morticia is long black hair. According to him I am see-through, I am 7 feet tall, & I have the figure to wear her long dresses. A black wig is easy to get. I may surprise everyone 1 day & just throw on a black wig, low-cut dress, & snip the tops off of roses & talk about death as a romantic ending. I'll add the Queen of Hearts's lips, crown, & the occasional "Off with your head!!" & it'll be the perfect day for me.

I took this picture of our dinner before the show...

Heaven on a plate.

...after correcting the waiter on which food belonged where. When the waiter put the 16 oz. prime rib with sweet potato (with honey butter & brown sugar) in front of hubby & the rare tuna in front of me, I realized that we are Backwards Eaters. Not that we eat dessert first or breakfast for dinner (ew), but I eat the steak size of my head (& mooing) & he eats the salad with a side of lean meat. Not only that but after his "meal" the hubs was actually full. Well, that's not true. He was full before he finished it. I finished his dinner for him.

His dinner=half my snack.

During dinner hubby commented on the many bottles of expensive wine used as decoration around the restaurant. They were full bottles of sealed wine up too high for anyone to grab if they needed to. I told him that the wine sellers sell them those bottles really cheap to use as decoration & they're filled with colored water. Before I even finished my sentence he was smiling his "you're full of b.s. smile" & that's not fair.

Okay, I have no idea if that is what they do but it made sense in my head, so he really had no reason to not believe me. Just because I frequently tell him outlandish things in such a convincing way that it makes him question his own beliefs & sanity, doesn't mean I always do that. He should give me a chance before immediately thinking I'm full of it. He needs to learn this. He did eventually say that what I said made sense, but he still had that smirk on his face. Butthead.

Hubby & I love to point out to the other (or take pictures to show the other one) Random Items.

This love of ours started when we were dating & drove past a field...a wide open field with only 1 tree smack dab in the middle of 5 acres. A Christmas tree all lit up. Looked like it was miles from any building or other trees, or even decorations for that matter, in acres of empty field. What would have made this even better was if we saw this in June, but it was indeed December. Ever since that one lone tree made us laugh at the randomness of a Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere (& how long was their extension cord?), finding Random Items became our Thing.

We found a Random Item after dinner Saturday night.

This truck...with a second truck bed in its truck bed...was right in front of us as we were leaving the restaurant. I can't think of any situation in which you need to be prepared with a spare truck bed while you're driving your truck. I guess being prepared is always a good thing & you never do know when the ass end of your truck will fall off & no one wants to be stranded without a truck ass. I never had it happen to me whenever I had a pick-up but it must happen or this guy wouldn't have a spare, right? Or maybe he just has really bad luck with his truck.

Lots of great food, randomness, & laughter. The perfect night with hubby.

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