That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cat or Hubby

Watson thinks anytime I have a spoon or fork in my hand, that means I have yummy food in my other hand. Even doing the dishes, as soon as he sees silverware in my hand, he comes running & starts this howl like he's dying. He can be sound asleep, 4 rooms away, but the second I have a fork in my hand, he just knows.

It goes something like this:

Fat Cat sees shiny metal with handle or hears a ding against a dish.

Fat Cat comes running.

Fat Cat begins a noise that can only be described as a feline in a blender. "Merrrrrooooowwwweeeeowwwwww!!!!"

This shrill horrible sound continues until I bend down with the utensil & allow him to sniff whatever may or may not be on it.

Fat Cat walks away either satisfied that he is in the know on what I am doing or disgusted that there was nothing for him to taste.

The other night I was mixing carpet cleaner--baking soda & essential oils. The sound of the metal fork against the glass bowl was just too much for him. That  annoying  adorable  too large  little kitty just couldn't hold it in. He howled. He cried. He pawed at me. He had to know what I was doing & why I wasn't sharing. 

I was not in the mood to be nice, so I kinda sorta just told him to stop being a nuisance.

"Stop being an idiot!!" are actually the exact words I used. You can guess at the tone & volume of my voice. From the other room I heard, "Yes, dear?"

Poor hubby. 

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