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That's Me

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

*Money Savers* Books for The Talk

I have a lot of friends with children are now the age when it's necessary to have The Talk. Last week I realized that I am always suggesting the same books over & over, as a way to start the conversation. I decided to put them in a blog post so that anyone who is wondering how to begin the conversation, can have some resources.

These books are for anyone who needs to have The Talk with their children. I have personally read all but one of these. I wasn't going to just give my kids a book & say "There's your Talk," I wanted to make sure I knew what they would be reading. I also used the books as tools to starts the conversation. The books aren't The Talk on their own. 

Keep in mind that every parent approaches The Talk in their own way. Please click on these books & read the sample pages before you order them because I do not want to hear from anyone that I am promoting something they find inappropriate for their children. These are just suggestions. 

Click on the title of the book (in black) to be sent to Amazon to order.

It's So Amazing $9.35 with free shipping with a $25 order. This is the first book I recommend to all parents with boys or girls. It's very detailed & discusses both genders. Warning: very detailed pictures. I have had each of my kids read this book in 4th grade, before they have that wonderful sex talk with video in school.  

It's Perfectly Normal $7.35 with free shipping with a $25 order. This book is good for the middle schoolers. This is the only one in this post that I have not read myself, but I've heard from other parents that they like it for their kids.

It's Not the Stork $8.63 with free shipping with a $25 order. This book is good for young children, preschool & Kindergarten age. I used it for answering questions in an age-appropriate way.

The Boy's Body Book $9.95 with free shipping with a $25 order. I had this book for my son, in addition to the first one. I liked it because it's just information about boys. My son liked it because it's information about boys. No annoying Girl Stuff to embarrass him. I had him read this book first & then read It's So Amazing. 

Amazing You! Getting Smart About Your Private Parts $6.99 For younger children, as a stepping stone for talking about differences in bodies. This book is meant for the age when little boys ask where Mommy's penis went. Great for preschool children with new siblings, when they're asking questions & noticing body parts when Mommy & Daddy are changing the new baby's diapers. 

The Care & Keeping of You (American Girl) $9.95 All my girls have read this one in the same way Boy Teenager read The Boy's Body Book. They read it before reading It's So Amazing, in 4th grade. I love this book! Each of my girls was actually a little upset when it was time to take it out of their room & pass it down to the next girl. They each liked the advice & information they found in this book. 

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