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That's Me

Friday, November 9, 2012


At the ladies retreat we had a lovely lady--who just happens to be my "little sis"--show us all how to make fun bath items (not that kind of fun, get your mind out of the gutter!) from things in our kitchens. Super easy to make & super cheap.

It reminded me of how I used to make these types of items to sell in my store so many years ago. I had forgotten how much I love to make them. Since I still had all the essential oils and lavender flowers and salts, I decided to get back into it.

I remembered my old recipes and found some new ones. I got all my stuff together.

Essential oils, oats, sea salt

I measured. I poured. I mixed. My house smelled amazing last night from all the wonderful scents!

Hubby loves almond & could sniff & eat it all day long. Hubby also likes to eat whatever smells good. I should have known that was a bad combination...

The hubs came up behind me, "Oh, allllmooooonnndddd" (do you hear this in a  Homer Simpson voice?) while breathing in deeply. He asked questions about the soap I was grating. "Is it natural?" Yes. "Is it nontoxic?" Yes. "Is it edible then?"

"Let's find out," says I. I handed that adorable, drooling man a small piece of grated soap. He didn't even hesitate before putting it in his mouth. "Oh, dear me," thought I.

About half a second later the soap came shooting out of his mouth into his hand & he announced that it does not, in fact, taste like it smells. Good to know.

Hours later he was still tasting that soap & complaining about me feeding him things that smell good but taste bad.

Almond oatmeal. Pour into bath with running
water or into a sachet for a bath ball.

Having just made 3 types of bath salts & 2 types of oatmeal bath balls, of course I had to try them out immediately. I gleefully poured the appropriate amount of lavender bath soak in the tub & couldn't wait to get in. Ah, it was pure Heaven. I had remembered the recipe exactly & I was so proud of myself for that! I laid in the tub & soaked in the yumminess. The combination of baking soda & 2 types of salt was like soaking in a cloud. The lavender flowers all around me made the entire bathroom smell so good. It was relaxing.

Wait... I had remembered how to make the lavender bath soak, but I had forgotten one important piece of information. Of course, after my bath I remembered the little "warning" I had always printed on the package of lavender bath soak: Do not pour directly into tub. Place in a sock or sachet & knot the end.

There is a reason I told my customers this little bit of information. There is a reason I should have remembered this little bit of information.

As I was laying in the hot water, surrounded by flower buds, I called hubby in to see me sitting in my own tea. "Look, it's Eddi Tea!" I was covered in lavender flowers & we found this amusing.

Until I got out of the bath.

Lavender flowers do not like to come off of human skin. They attach themselves like little suckers. After looking like I was a tea bag, I looked like I was covered in maggots. Not exactly the look I was going for after a bath.

Hubby peeled about 20 of the suckers off my body because the towel did nothing but spread them around. He then discovered my head was infested with these small, aroma-ful, sticky little buggers. Wet hair + wet lavender flowers = no go. We pulled more of my hair out than flowers.

In the shower I went with my head bent & the hubs rubbing until they all fell out.

Then he had to clean the tub from all the flowers that decided not to go with the flow of water & stuck to the sides of the tub instead. I was just glad I hadn't turned on the jets. I don't think jets would react well to lavender buds inside of them.

Hubby opted for the almond oatmeal bath balls for his bath time.

Moral of the story: if you get it in your head to take a relaxing bath before bed, make sure you know what you're doing. Soft, yummy, lovely-smelling skin just might not have the effect you were looking for when your Other Half has to rid your head of an infestation.

Although, de-lavender-izing a person while they are prancing around the bathroom naked, yelling, "Get 'em off! Get 'em out of my hair!" just may be a turn-on to some.

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