That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

See, Ma, No Wrinkles!

I was looking in the mirror when I realized that I have those dreaded laugh wrinkles around my eyes. I remember thinking many times, "Why do these darn old women get Botox? Imma age gracefully! Needles will never touch MY face!" Yeah, I was a naive little non-wrinkled 24 year old. 

Now, at almost 33 (my Birthday is in 19 days for anyone that is living under a rock & doesn't have my Birthday on their calendar, which by the way, is the only excuse for not having my Birthday on a calendar), I laugh at that 24 year old self.

"Self," I say now, "you was not knowing what you was talking about." Yup, that's what I say to myself 'cause when I saw that I have laugh wrinkles, I was not happy.

Being the money saving person that I am, I discovered a new way to smile so that the laugh wrinkles don't show. I asked my friend what she thought as I turned to her with my new smile.

She liked it. 

Until I find a coupon for Botox, this is my new wrinkle-free smile. 

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