That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Half Brain

When I took Chemistry what feels like forever ago, I was not happy. I was not excited. I was quite, pathetically, hysterically, not happy about it. I know, why in the world am I becoming an RN if I hate chemistry? I can't explain.

The first night of class I found the other 1/2 of my brain in my class. I'd been looking my whole life for the rest of my brain & the joy I felt when I found it is indescribable. I was over the moon happy.

It happened something like this: I randomly grabbed a person when we were to partner up for a lab buddy & of course I grabbed the person who looked as lost & not-happy as I felt. It turned out to be fate & love at first sight. Seriously, I never believed in love at first sight until that day.

What I didn't understand in that class, she magically did. What she didn't understand, I did. It was amazing. We put our brains together & realized that together we have a whole brain. We studied together & got a higher grade than either of us at the beginning of the class thought we'd get. 

The teacher loved us. He was a typical science geek--he had, no joke, more degrees in science than I thought was possible--& made cheesy jokes that made others just stare at him & groan. We giggled. We found him funny. He found us funny. It was perfect.

During class, we'd raise our hands & put on our little puppy dog faces. Dr. Science Lover would come over with a grin on his face because he knew what was coming..."Dr. Science Man, did we do this correctly?" And he would show us what we did wrong. Every time.

We would stay after class to ask questions & more often than not he would tell us what to correct on our papers before we turned them in. He would do the experiments with us during class. He would laugh at our the time the guy who had a crush on me ate the chemical we were working with just because I asked him to. In my defense, I didn't think he'd actually do it. I was just joking. When I raised my hand & asked Dr. Brainy, "What would happen if you ate this? Hypothetically of course." Just then the eater of the substance went flying for the bathroom. Apparently the chemical causes diarrhea & vomiting. (That guy is still alive.)

A life-long love developed in that class. Once you find the other half of your brain, you can't walk away from it.

This explains a lot for everyone, I'm sure. It's true that there is something wrong with my head; half of my brain is walking around in someone else's body.

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