That's Me

That's Me

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Watson's Good Morning Kisses

Since Watson G the cat can't speak with human words, he has other ways that he says good morning to us each morning.

First he pounces on my chest at around 4:00 each morning. If I'm asleep, this is quite a shock. I wake up with a 25 pound weight on my chest & all the air quickly forced out of my lungs. If I don't open my eyes immediately, Watson tastes my arm like this...

After he gets his lovin' from me, he moves on to the poor, unsuspecting hubby. Every morning, about 5 minutes before his alarm goes off, the hubs gets this...

That would be my foot, which Watson came over to snack on after hubby got out of bed, but the idea is the same, only Watson doesn't stop until hubby gets up. 

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