That's Me

That's Me

Friday, September 28, 2012

2nd Anniversary

On October 1, we will be married for 2 years. I gave him his gifts tonight after I got home from work 'cause I just couldn't wait any longer. He'd given me my gift several days ago. We both suck at keeping gifts secret from each other.

The "traditional gift" for 2nd Anniversary is china. Since it doesn't specify what "china" means & we already own several sets of china, I thought a little outside of the box for hubby's gift.

First I made him a scrapbook that was made on paper made in China. The pictures were taken in Wisconsin, which is not in China, so I felt that that was kind of cheating.

So I sat & I thunk & I thunk & I thunk some more...what could I get him that is China or Chinese? I could get him a pretty little antique tea cup & saucer to add to the collection but that's my collection of tea cups, so that wouldn't be very fun for him. I could get him tickets to China but if we are going to fly over an ocean, it'll be to Ireland before anywhere else.

I thunk & thunk & thunk....
Made in China.
...& I came up with a skeleton candle holder named Bones. The candle goes behind his head! And the light shines out of his eye sockets! And he's holding his skull in the same way that I picture the hubs does when he realizes yet again that he lives with TWO redheads! 

It's completely made in China. The scrapbook is of him at Tough Mudder. It took me 8 hours to complete. He better like it as much as he said he does. 

I just realized I could have sent him to China. That would be a great Anniversary trip. I don't know why I didn't think about this before--nowhere does it say we have to celebrate our Anniversary together. 

I'll go to Ireland. 

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