That's Me

That's Me

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun at Pearle Vision

The hubby & I had eye exams on Saturday because we both needed contacts. Hubby's eyes stayed at the same Blind as a Mushroom prescription that he's always had. I knew my eyes had gotten worse but when my prescription doubled from what it had been, I felt like I had entered Old Lady Eyes status.

Hubby wears his contacts for much longer than they're meant to  be worn, doesn't clean them often enough, & is just downright naughty with his contacts. I'm always lecturing him that the contact rules are made that way for a reason. His eyesight stays the same & his eyes are perfectly healthy, which really annoys me. I mean, if he would get just one corneal ulcer, I could gloat about how right I am. But nooooo.

Hubby also needs to get a new pair of glasses since his horrible dog ate them. We do not agree on what kind of frames he should get. He likes old school, out of date wire frames, the same as the ones the dog ate 100 years ago. I want him to think outside of the box because I'm the one who has to see them on his face. The only time he'll see them is when he looks in the mirror. I think this gives me more say in the manner. He didn't agree.

Being frustrated with that man, I started pulling the best old school frames they had & putting them on his face.

The following is a lesson. A lesson in taking your spouse's phone so that pictures cannot be taken while you try on frames for your spouse's entertainment at the optometrist. 



I believe it was a hard lesson to learn.

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