That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Week In Pictures

Just a few pictures on what went down in our family 4th of July week...

My pets aren't spoiled at's completely normal
for a dog to have a raft in the pool.

Similar to Don't Ask Don't Tell.
We just go with it.

Hubby got busted eatin' the whipped cream, 
Blondie photobombed.

Ginger Girl turned into a lion at softball.

The "more experienced" men watching sharing their knowledge of
wood chopping with the younger generation.

Amazing Grace & Ethel recognizing that a "sport"
on wheels is what got her into that sling in the first place,
so roller derby is not in her near future.

Try to take a picture of the kids & Ethel photobombed.
And dang, she looks creepy.
I caught Ginger Girl with whipped cream on her nose.

And our July 4, 2012 family portrait.
Boy Teenager (14 1/2), Amazing Grace (15 3/4), Hubby, Blondie (12 1/2),
Ginger Girl (9), Me, Little Blondie (7), Big D (10)

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