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That's Me

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sauer Kraut is Yummy But Dangerous

I had a meeting yesterday with my instructor & the dean. I had originally been talking to the department head & he got so worked up by what the instructor had been doing that he involved the dean. Deans don't like emails from instructors that contain comments like this:
Where have you been?
Which was not a sweet, "Oh my, I thought you were in class" comment, but a snippy, "Why would you ask for clarification?"
And this, in answer to why an "extra credit" assignment that was 198 problems & took 3 hours to finish, was only going to be awarded half a point:
This assignment is totally optional and basically extra credit that I chose to give you all out of a good heart so it's disappointing that anyone would be upset about the chance at extra points. I can take it away at anytime so please just be thankful you even got the chance.

Those are just a few examples, but you can see the kind of unprofessional-ism we had to deal with all semester. To be fair, she didn't single me out, she was an equal opportunity bitchy teacher. 

And to be perfectly honest, I don't think she's an evil person. I actually think she's a very nice person & she didn't know what she was getting into & the stress of it came out this way. She's just bad at teaching & I wanted to make sure she was given a chance to correct her mistakes or not teach again if either she or the school decided that was best.

This instructor admitted that she did not realize how much work it would take to be a teacher. This was made obvious from day one when she only offered "office hours" in the amount of about 2 hours all week. To be divided between 50 students & their schedules. Because she "has a life" (as I was told) & couldn't possibly give as much time as we were unfairly expecting her to give her students outside of the classroom. 

In addition to her disrespectful & rude comments, she was also never on time to class & she wasn't prepared. To pay for a 2 hour class & only get an average of 40 minutes because it took that long for her to get there & then get prepared, was unacceptable to me. 

When I brought this up at the beginning of the semester, she said that I could switch to a later class time. Um, no, I had already gotten a sitter for this time slot & I had specifically chosen this time slot for many reasons; I couldn't just rearrange my life for a teacher that couldn't be ready at the time she was hired to work. Not to mention that that would require speaking to every other student that was in the later time slot, who had also chosen that time slot for the same reasons I did, to be able to do that. 

Out of 50 students I was the only one that was willing to take this on. When I talked to the other students to ask them to go with me as a group, no one wanted to rock the boat. They were just happy to be done with her. She made then feel so inferior that they didn't want to step forward.

My feeling is that my career is so important to me, and I work so hard & overcome many obstacles to be able to achieve my goal, that I'm not going to let anyone stand in the way of it. My time in school is the beginning of my new career & I treat it as such. If another nurse was being unprofessional & not allowing me to work to my full potential making me look bad to my patients, you better believe I'll do something about it--and I have. It's not easy, it's not something I enjoy doing; I just don't allow others to not let me work at the level I know I'm capable of.

Before the meeting, I had the following chat conversation with the hubs (typos & all):

me:I hope the dean isn't scary
Is this what people feel like when they're called to the principles office?

hubby:  lol
I think so

me:  Stop laughing
This isn't fub

hubby:  I would hope not!

me:  Fub...frickin ugly business?

hubby:  if it was, you'd have to get a word into the dictionary too

me:  Rofl

hubby:  ah...I like your definition better

me:  Well I defined it for u

hubby: urban dictionary here i come

me:  Yup
I'm that awesome
I like fub
I'm gonna patent it :-$
Dammit I ate sour kraut for lunch...
Now that's fub

hubby:  lmao, no that's funny

Fub: Eating sauer kraut before a meeting.
Source of picture

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