That's Me

That's Me

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Mr. Watson

Watson started this new thing. 

He gets so excited when he sees his toys now that he jumps up on his hind legs & bounces across the room to his toy. He looks just like Tigger.

It takes me forever to be able to get Watson on video because as soon as he sees me with it in my hand, he stops & just looks at me. Just like taking a sick child to the doctor; as soon as they see the waiting room, they're no longer lethargic & wimpy looking but running around & bright eyed. I would like to just strap a video camera to his back so we can catch all that he does during the day.

Here's a couple videos of Watson playing. Enjoy!

"Wait for it..." He lays there for a bit storing up energy for the big move that is The Tigger Walk.
At 0:56 he does The Tigger Walk.
And Watson being goofy ol' Watson. "It's my toy & I'll lay on it if I want to."

P.S. Why is it I never have an accent until I'm in a video. For some people the camera adds 10 pounds...for me it adds an accent that I know I do not normally have.

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